no artificial flavors

At BioSteel we believe in creating the healthiest sports hydration products on the planet. BioSteel has been designed in the most natural way possible to help you hydrate throughout the day. Our products contains no preservatives, no artificial flavors & colors.



Sugar is not necessary for hydration. Most athletes and active individuals do not deplete glycogen during activity to the point of needing to replenish it with sugar during exercise. We believe in getting your carbs from healthy food sources, not added sugar. Apart from having no functional benefits, sugar is linked to dehydration, energy crashes and is not great for your overall health. For all of these reasons and more, BioSteel products are sweetened with natural stevia extract, instead of sugar, to support your hydration AND your health!


5 essential electrolytes.

Sodium maintains body fluid balance & prevents cramping during physical activity. 

Potassium is important for nerve signalling and muscle contraction. 

Chloride helps maintain proper fluid balance and blood pressure. 

Calcium is responsible for muscle contraction and normal heart rhythm. 

Magnesium is critical for supporting muscle relaxation & helps support over 300 reactions in the body. Humans are commonly deficient in this important mineral.